This mission has been a long time in the making- and we are so incredibly excited to share it with the interweb world. ♥ First off, we are a family of 5- 30 something’s mom & dad (high school sweeties) and 3 littles from 3 years to nearly 12! We’re still young and started our journey even younger, but we’re amazed with what we’ve found from the world so far and feel passionate about sharing it.

We’re the result of a teen pregnancy and mid-week Vegas wedding. We’ve had a list of things stacked up against us that should have torn us apart, and it’s taken us 12 years to figure it out and see that in all the horrific times God’s hand was there acting as the glue to keep us holding on just a little longer. A little longer so that we could grow and learn. So that my desire to create and share could couple with my husband’s near-prophetic like quality to understand, teach and lead.

We have very strong beliefs- beliefs that are not the accepted norm. I most usually come on a bit too strong while my husband is definitely my balance to keep people from just walking away and leaving me in my bunker of tin foil hats. #sorrynotsorry

In no particular order, to give you an understanding of us and this blog, we believe in:

the Bible and the love of Jesus.

the local, organic food movement.

that plastics are ruining our world in more ways than one.

the mass extinction of many plants and animals across the globe from human greed and consumption.

strong marriages and their ability to change our society.

homeschooling our children in a slow, open, child-led/unschooling type fashion.

that the pharmaceutical and big food industries are selfishly destroying humankind.

the healing powers of holistic health including nutrition, herbal remedies, oils & tonics and yes- the powerful healing plant from God, cannabis.

fearing not- for faith can carry mountains to the heavens.

sustainable living- gardening, debt free, responsibly raising meat, and natural building methods.

equality- we are all created by God and are one in the same  regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, bank account balance, occupation, religion, or any other nonsense concocted to keep us divided.

a relationship with the father, the son and the holy spirit over that with a church or religious institution.

always being open to grow and learn, and admit your mistakes so that you can ask for forgiveness.

not following the current cult of statism in it’s worship of the idol of country pride above all.

not allowing to be lied to and distracted by the main stream media and the agenda of the power’s of evil that be.

being identified by more than our occupation.

our constitution and standing up for the freedoms that our society was founded on even though they’re disappearing all the time.

laughing and enjoying this life we’ve been given.

napping in the afternoon while snuggling our kiddos.

enjoying nature every chance we get.

removing as much plastic and disposable items from our lives- using recycled products where we can.

the importance of standing up and reaching out in love to help the oppressed and beaten down.

love conquering all. ♥