Rest is the new hustle.

Screen-Shot-2016-05-06-at-4.51.48-PM“Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”

The commandment that literally tells us to remember to take a day to rest as that is holy.

Isn’t it funny that it’s the hardest thing to do for most of us? We don’t live in a 24/6 world, it’s 24/7 for everything! We work as much as we can (another post on that to come…),  we check emails, we run errands, we shop, we clean, we rush, we hustle. Even better, the thought of laying around all day (especially for us momma’s), doing nothing, cleaning nothing, nothing nothing — is the definition of LAZY, not HOLY.

We should all, even without the center of spiritual or religious principles, strive for a 24/6 life. Imagine what you might discover in those 24 hours of rest and reflection? I’m excited to go deeper into this- but that will have to wait for now. To get you started, read 24/6 by Matthew Sleeth!

I’d like to share our Monday’s with you. In the wedding industry that we work in, Thursday-Sunday is BUSY BUSY time. Monday’s, they’re our stop day. We stop. Work stops. Cell phones, emails, cleaning, schooling, kids chores, outdoor work (and we have 8 acres- there’s ALWAYS work to be done!), getting out of our jammie’s, brushing our hair, making beds… it all STOPS. And guess what, the world keeps going.

I don’t care how dire it is, I don’t work on Monday. I don’t even look! Especially being a mompreneur, this was SO hard! What would happen?! My business would CRUMBLE if I don’t get to it right away! (Insert an apocalyptic scene happening in my mind starting with that one email from a bride that sat… unanswered… for 24 HOURS! The horror!!!)

Do you have any idea how amazing it is to reserve one day, EVERY week, where nothing is expected of you? Of your kids? Your home, can just be. Your kids, can just be. You can just be. You can spend time in your Bible, you can watch tv, you can lay outside and listen to the magic of the silence, you don’t have to run to any store, anywhere. You can nap. You can think. You can meditate. It’s glorious! Every single week. It makes even the worse of weeks that much more tolerable– because Monday is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me tell you about my Monday-

It started last night, I stayed up late last night watching Trailer Park Boys (admitted, LOVE that show!) with the hubby. It was nice to cuddle in bed and watch tv (we never get to do that) and stayed up way past my bedtime.

So this morning, I slept in. Until 9 something, my 3 year old came in eventually, snuggled me, I dozed back off again.

I eventually got up, still in pj’s, and ate some leftover oatmeal on the stove that the 11 year old had made. Dishes everywhere… who cares.

Sat on the couch, tablets going, Xbox running, coffee sipping… noticed the dog hair collecting by the baseboard, then quickly dismissed it.IMG_20160627_123251

Did the 5 year old’s hair, she wanted a ballerina bun. We could do any number of girly things and make her day- I think we’ll paint nails later.

I ‘got dressed’ in my ‘fancy’ yoga pants, old t-shirt and put a bobby pin in my hair. Boom, done. The 11 year old got dressed, the 5 year old is in a nightgown she outgrew months ago, and the 3 year old preferred to be dressed and have her hair done. No mom nagging to get dressed/brush hair/teeth/clean/chores/school….

I felt the need to write, this blog is fun for me and not work- so I’m typing here. Kids are playing Xbox with their family in CA, grilled cheese sandwiches are to be inhaled here shortly.

We’ll finish our day off with some time splashing in the pool, a nap, a small dinner (we made our big Sabbath feast yesterday), goodnight yoga with the girls and some time to myself to sip tea and spend time in prayer tonight after the kiddos are sleeping and the house is quiet. Lots to mediate on and a heart to keep open and listening.

Just be. Listen to the birds, snuggle the kiddos, put off anything you don’t want to worry about. It’s a beautiful day. It is holy. †